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Designing Learning for Two Years of Growth

The designing learning model is an explicit evidence-based instructional model.  Designing Learning is grounded in cognitive and neuroscience theories. This model was pilot tested by our CEO at a Title I middle school in 2005. In all classes he “taught,” he obtained accelerated learning for all students, including underrepresented students in STEM. Dr. Balasubramanian's students consistently made two or more years of academic growth in one semester.

Dr. Balasubramanian replicated this success with underrepresented Title I high school students in Aurora, Colorado. Additionally, he trained 13 teacher leaders from the four core subject areas at this Title I high school. These teacher leaders achieved similar gains of two or more years of growth in one semester using Dr. Balasubramanian's instructional model. This model (see illustration) is the basis for addressing Literacy and Numeracy Gaps at 7Cs Academy. This element is designed to help every child demonstrate his/her mastery of
TEKS and the Core Principles.

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