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Attitudes really do matter

Student Mastery Level by State

Life happens! Character and Citizenship are foundational to mastering the 7Cs Core Principles. Attitudes influence our perceptions and guide our own behavior. This mindset and emphasis or character and citizenship is best expressed through this quote: 


"You cannot control what happens to you. You can only control how you react to it. The choices you make, can make you better or they can make you bitter. It is your choice."

At 7Cs Academy, we help students "understand WHY" they should know and be able to do the different TEKS and SEs as they master the 7Cs "attitude coin." 

The everyday "class meeting" experiences of students as they share and listen to "life issues" will help students develop their attitudes. We know that attitudes derived from social experiences influence subsequent behavior. That is why we anchor learning with Dilemma Stories based on the class meeting discussions that lead to better "Action choices" with clear "Justifications." Expertise develops over time. By owning their individual learning, students will demonstrate their mastery of the Core Curriculum on their 6-week interim assessments as they lead regular Parent-Teacher conferences.   

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